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My blog in English will stop today, indeed after having heard from a few people that they would like to read the translation on the French page I will stop updating this one. Sorry for those who liked reading it here, but having the French and English together will make it easier for you to leave comments after each post instead of at the end of this page. So thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon 😉

Kerry Park ~05/04/10

Kerry is supposed to be one of the top touristic spot of Seattle and we only made it now after 2 years!I guess better than never! We were ready to hike but it’s so small that you have to come for the view only!We took great pictures and once again enjoyed the panorama: Elliott Bay, West Seattle, Bainbridge Island, downtown Seattle…..

We strolled around Queen Anne and found this impressive historic Mansion: Ballard Mansion built in 1901. Ballard came to Puget Sound from Indiana in the early 1850’s and had local architect company construct this quite impressive classic colonial Greek  style mansion.

Dale Chihuly’s controversy~05/02/10

Dale Chihuly is a glass blower originally from Tacoma, WA. It seems that he is one of the most well known glass blower in the US and his art is quite impressive by its shape, color and size. The first time we came accross one his piece was this one at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in the lobby.

While visiting Seattle for the first time in the Summer of 2007, we realized that his art was virtually everywhere here: museums, art galleries, entrances etc…Of course, we made it to the Glass museum in Tacoma where they had a special exhibition on him. Apparently, he is shown everywhere from England to Singapour and the United Emirates.  So why is there a controversy you will ask me?For those who live in Seattle, you probably heard about it on the paper of the Stranger anyway to summarize it, the owners of the Space Needle want to build a museum dedicated to Chihuly where the fun fair is now. So what’s wrong about it?It will be a museum exclusively dedicated to him, also the museum is planned to be run as a company and not as nonprofit so all the benefits will go into  where? …..their pockets! My question is: is this what the Seattle want to show about its art scene?There are tons of glass blowers in Washington State. I am afraid this will cater to tourists  only and who are ready to pay an extra $15 !or you can also go to Tacoma and look-for free- at the glass bridge…

so what do you think?Art= big money?

Meat Loaf~04/30/10

Okay well, poll daddy was not very successful and left me with a 50/50 answer to my question. Please vote here if you are reading this now and didn’t do it yet. Do you like reading the english version of the blog here or after the french!Let me know!

So my story today is about Meat Loaf. What a strange dish! But it’s one of Sam’s favorite and he is getting better at cooking it. I have to admit I was not a fan at first but with a green salad or some small potatoes it’s great and it makes great leftovers. Originally from Germany, Belgium and the Nederlands, the american version has ketchup on top! According to the magazine Good housekeeping, it was elected the 7th favorite dish in the country! I am still trying to find out what are the 6th first…any ideas apart from burgers and mexican dishes?

Here is Sam’s recipe:

1 pound of  ground beef

1 pound of ground pork

1 1/2 cup of breaf crumbs

sat, pepper, sage, parsil, ground garlic


Mix together, put into a cake pan to give it its shape. Put into an oven dish, add tomato sauce or ketchup. Cook for 45 min until the meats are fully cooked.


The Poll ~04/26/10

As you can see I am late on my english version!Shame on me.I’ll try to do that shortly. In the meantime, going through my stats this page doesn’t get seen as much as I would like to. Please take my poll on how you would like to read the english translation of this blog!Your feedback is really important to me.

Thanks much for your participation.

Seattle Center ~04/23/10

english to come!

Mexican Chocolate ~04/21/10

I am so curious and I love strolling around DeLaurenti’s at Pike Place Market! They have a nice display of wine, cheeses and chocolate. I have been making eye at this Mexican chocolate for a long while pondering whether to fall or not and of course I did!

This is a new experience for me. The chocolate is round and sliceable like a cheese.

I found that the process used is to make it is from Oaxacan Mexico therefore its name. It is stone ground organic chocolate and all ingredients are from from either Mexico or the Dominic Republican. So what makes it different?

the texture and the taste! It’s a strange sensation when you bite in it at the same time airy and granulated! As for the spices taste, I had chosen cinnamon but after having tried… many times…it always tasted like banana to me!

If you want to know more about the company give it a try here, they have an interesting website. Also, they sell the chocolate in almost every state so have you tried?What do you think?

Strolling through Wallinhood… ~04/18/10

One can see:

apple blossoms

a pink Wolkswagen mini-van

daffodils that resisted the wind and the rain

The first lilac in bloom

and unidentifiable flowers like this one…if you live in Seattle and knows it let me know they are everywhere here!

Chief Seattle ~04/16/10

Recently, I have been working in Belltown which has always stroked me as a strange neighborhood in Seattle. Dead during the day, with only a few lunch places open, deserted streets, full of high end condos and lots of homeless and dealers roaming the empty streets. From what I heard it used to be really different, more lively with artists lofts… Today, this part of town seems to wake up at night around the many restaurant and bars you can find along 3rd avenue.

So I am now waiting for my bus to take me home in front of this guy:

The statue of Chief Seattle. I didn’t realize but it’s quite an old one since it has been there since the early 1900’s. I am sure everybody in the Northwest knows who he is…but not everybody right?He was the leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes and apparently is famous for his speech from 1854 on land preservation and native tribes. Also, his real name was not Seattle but Si’ahl and we are now using its anglicization.

Do you have cool story about him? Share if you do!

The News ~04/13/10

Sunday was the anniversary of my arrival in the US! 4 years, why do I feel like it’s been longer?I have now lived in two states, travel the country east from west but never to the South(!) and made friends along the road. So after 4 years what’s next? Japan! We are moving in 3 months! I am so excited by the opportunity to leave there again! We will be missing lots of things and people from here! But Japan is where I met Sam and we had such a great time discovering and sharing Japanese culture comparing it to our respective cultures.

So what will happen to the blog? I believe it will return through a different design and name in August. In the meantime, I still have plenty to share about what will happen here. So stay tuned.

Fifth Avenue Theater ~04/08/10

We went to the Fifth Avenue Theater for the first time at the end of March for a free night preview of their upcoming season. I was a great chance to be able to get in since unfortunately, it’s quite expensive to go to a show. The theater is located in the historical building the Skinner which is a national landmark designated for its Italian Renaissance architecture. Honestly, it blends very well with the rest and I would have never thought it was a landmark.

Sunday was the anniversary of my arrival in the US! 4 years, why do I feel like it’s been longer?I have now lived in two states, travel the country east from west but never to the South(!) and made friends along the road. So after 4 years what’s next? Japan! We are moving in 3 months! I am so excited by the opportunity to leave there again! We will be missing lots of things and people from here! But Japan is where I met Sam and we had such a great time discovering and sharing Japanese culture comparing it to our respective cultures.

The theater is remarkable because for its Norwegian architect Gustave Lilstrom who designed it after a trip to China and to the Forbidden City.

The inside is quite impressive with a chandelier coming out of the mouth of a dragon. The all concept is pretty traditional, lots of reds and golds and dark woods for the structure.

If you can’t afford a show, just stop by the entrance and the main lobby, it’s worth it as well.

Listening to broadway music in this atmosphere was special, I guess that’s what this county is about a mix of cultures.

Here is a short video of what we saw that night. The singers were amazing!Give a try and listen.

Spring meal Japanese way ~04/05/10

Spring is playing with us in Seattle even though, we have seen the first flowers since February we are mission the sun and are enjoying a typical NW weather: overcast, clouds, rain and wind! So instead of roaming the area, we stayed home and Sam made us a nice home cooked Japanese meal!


Salmon with Mirin glaze, Japanese rize, new harvest asparagus and miso sauce.

Sam was our chef:


  • chinook salmon also called royal salmon, fished in Alaska and wild if possible
  • Japanese rice and only that!) Click here to find the recipe.
  • daikon sprouts (long white radish)
  • the first organic asparagus of the season from Washington
  • the glaze: 60 ml of mirin (vin de riz Japonais), 50 g de sugar, 60 ml desoy sauce. 30ml rice vinegar

Mix together mirin, sugar and soy sauce et marinate with the salmon for 3 minutes on each side. Cook and add the remaining marinade on top. Set aside the salmon and add the rice vinagar. Cook until it thickens and top the salmon with.

  • red miso sauce (fermented soy paste) and white sesame seeds

Mix 2 tbls of sugar, miso, 1 tbls of miso and 2 of white sesame roasted and crushed. This recipe was inspired from ’Elizabeth Andoh ‘s home cooking books.

We had some leftovers rice, salmon and miso sauce but not enough for another meal. So we made onigiri! Onigiris are rice balls stuffed with different ingredients such as salted plum, fish, chicken,seasonings. My favorite while living other there was shrimp/mayo!

Most of the time, onigiris are triangle shaped but you can make them into balls also. They keep well into fridge. This website will give you great instructions on how to prepare them.

We had our dinner with a small bottle of nigori sake or unfiltered and cloudy sake. Try it if you like a sweet finish to your sake.

Fun English Words ~04/02/10

Just a few english words that sounds funny or that have a fun translation into French!

1.      « labradoodle » [labrador-poodle] The very new fashion in dogs. They are your new family dog, this mixed breed between a labrador and a poodle. The puppies are really cute. The dogs are originally from Australia and are really popular here, you can get one here in Seattle for only $2700 at this local breeder.

2. The « Muffin top », which foreigners might think it’s a local speciality is a good one too. All I can say is when is that mine has considerably grown since I came in the US! I found this crazy website explaining all about it: Muffin Top Nation

3.        A doorbuster, well I think that in France we have what we call a « thunder cell » or quick sell. It’s Easter now and I couldn’t notice on TV last time how they want you to go and shop and get their magnificients doorbusters.

4.        Be and » Early bird ». Yes, be this kind of bird is good, it will help you save tons of money!

5.       TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday. An other reference to God which seems to be use by everybody even the one who are not religious or the Happy Friday! At first, I didn’t really get it and got confused especially when the following Monday someone said to me Happy Monday. I guess the best I could answer was Thanks, you too. I am still not sure if this is the correct answer though!

Have a great weekend!

Twitter ~03/31/10

Twitter en Francais

How can I resist posting the new icon for Twitter in French! So cute!

Me too, I am getting up to speed and tweet. I am now using it to share links and articles about trends and new media articles mainly (thank you Mashable).

And you? What are you twitting about? If you want to twitte with me, just click on the twitter icon to the left.

Music ~03/29/10

This post is mainly a reason for me to play with all the widgets and possibilities that blogging have. I have been wanting to add music to my blog for a while and bam now it is done! So, Seattle had this great reputation for music and it happened to be true and I try to keep up. Apart from the big names such as Kurt Cobain, Alice in Chain, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Hendrix, I have been enjoying the local scene! There are so many venues in town that I would like to check. We did go to some concerts at  Neumos to see Blitzen Trappers (fromPortland), and at the  Crocodile to hear The Heavy from England.

Also, I am really enjoying KEXP’s podcasts. My favorite sho is  Wo’ Pop with Derek Mazzone. He mixes Brazilian D&B Bresilien, Cuban Hip Hope, French Hip Hop,  South AfricanKwaito , Bhangra et Bollywood from Bombay and London, Senegalese Malabax and Ragga Dub from Brixton and Tokyo.

Listen to my playlist here!

TOEFL ~03/25/10

I am taking the TOEFL on April 27th. My goal is 237 or more. This a really good challenge for me, except that I registered a while a go and I am now at the bottom of the wave in my studying:reading & listening is fine but I don’t get a chance to practice my writing and talking as much as I should. Indeed, it is not enough to understand everything but you have to be able to communicate about it. I thought the speaking would be easy since I speak english virtually all the time but I tried and went blank!I guess I have to learn on how to express my opinions about everything and nothing in a very short time!

I think taking the Toefl here and now is good idea first for the challenge, then I might want to go back to school and will need it and also because I think being in the country and taking the test is the best possibility. I took the Japanese Language Test (JPLT) in November 09 and studied like crazy for level 3 in two months. I passed but my scores would have been much higher if I had taken it when I was in Japan in 2002 or just after coming back.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Portland ~03/22/10

We loved Portland…again. This time, Andy, Sam’s sister was there so we got to hang out too. I guess our weekend was under the sign of beer. Portland is also nicknamed  « Beervana » or  » Brewtopia » so  I let you imagine…Lots of pubs, microbreweries and local beer to choose from…unfortunately I am not a big fan and apart from white beerfrom Belgium I have a hard time but Sam & Andy seemed to really enjoyed it.

We went to the Japanese garden near by the famous international garden that was not in bloom yet. The garden was beautiful, lush, green and lots of sakuras (cherry blossom) and a healthy dose of moss.

For a touristy and cheap (good cheap) Happy Hour in Portland, I recommend going to the Portland City Grill, located in the heart of the city.You can park in their garage, they validateyour ticket for 2 hours. The restaurant is at the 30th floor (hard on my vertigo..) but the view is great and appetizers really cheap (less than $6).

Picture to come

We went to Ichiban Sushi for our sushi fix. A fun kaiten sushi or sushi served on a conveyor belt. There it was on a train, kind of fun and customers would live funny little notes on the empty sushi spots. Great variety, my favorite was the creamy scallops (rice with creamy scallops rolls with seaweed). Having lived in Japan, I have had the best sushi there but this was really descent so as the prices: plateswere between $1,25, $2 & $5.

Edgefields owned by the McMenamins’ brothers was our choice for our Sunday afternoon. The drive to Troutedale, 20 minutes east of Portland was great we got to see Mt Hood and Mt St Helens: Portland’s own volcanoes. Amazing views!

Edgefields was originally a farm and is now classify as a historic building. Basically, there is a hotel, many bars, restaurants, coffee place and a golf. You can wonder around with your alcohol beverage! We did do the golf, Andy & Sam were much better than be!!It was great to be outside and enjoy the sun and the view. McMenamin do their own beer (of course it’s Oregon), wine and sherry. Paradise for alcohol drinkers and relaxing environment. Viva Oregon!

Are you Irish? ~03/17/10

…..for real or just for today? I wonder if I really need to explain this to people who can read English?? I think it’s a fun « holiday » or celebration. Wish it wasn’t in the middle of the week to be able to go to a pub and soak in the festive atmosphere!

So my experience with St Paddy Day is pretty limited to going in a pub in St Paul MN and drinking green beer in the middle of the afternoon while every one around me is wearing green and munching on fried food. Wish I gone to a parade…. maybe I do have some Irish blood too…who knows…

I love Bison ~03/16/10

Another post on food??Of course, I can’t stop! Bison is back in our lives thanks to our PCC market! What’s there not to love?Less fat than beef, full of iron and Vitamin B, it’s a good alternative for beef! (Sorry for my friends the vegetarians!) PCC is a great place to shop for it, their bison comes from a coop in North Dakota. I found this great bilingual website (thanks Canada) where they have recipes: La Terre des Bisons.

Discussing with my parents couple weeks, they mentioned going to wild park in central France where you can admire european bison. So what’s the difference between the european and the american one? Apparently, the one from the US supposedly has shorter legs, is hairier and has a blue tongue!

Anyway, we saw lots of them during our 2008 trip from Minneapolis to Seattle especially in parks where they are protected such as Custer Park in SD and Yellowstone in WY.

Here is a fun pic found on FlickR Creative Commons for the European Bison showing his tongue to the photographer:

Picture from Harlequeen-FlickR Creative Commons

BlogRoll ~03/12/10

Here are the blogs/websites that I like and follow. Check them out!

Blogs in Englsih

*Diary of a White  Indian Housewife.  I found this blog on Expat Blog . Sharell is Australian and moved to Mumbai, India to married her husband. Her blog is great if you are interested in India and its culture.

*KEXP Blog. KEXP is our favourite radio here in Seattle. Great music all day, themed shows at night (my favourtie is World Pop), local bands and concerts!

*Freshed Picked Seattle. Leslie Seaton’s blog is dedicated to all things related to food: events, workshops, restaurants in Seattle. It’s a great resource guide.

*Virtual Nekko. This blog is for you if you are into or would like to discover second life. This blog is maintained by a good friend of mine here in Seattle. Check the great graphics and strory and follow the nekko (cat in Japanese) in her world. The blog made Top 100 for Virtual Blogs and had more than 100 000 visitors. Congrats!

Blogs in French or bilingual

*Chroniques des Appalaches. Cecile is in Ashville (and not Ashford), CN. Her blog is very complete and she updates it everyday. She moved to the US to be with her American husband.

*Veev. Severine and I met in college . She is the owner and the Communications & PR Director of Veev. She is specialized in » modern music » and especially in « black music » such as hip-hop, soul, and world. You can listen the artists she is working with on her website.

*Allo a la planete . Eric Lange’s show on France Inter radio’s blog. You can listen to the show through the internet. Listeners can post pictures from their trips and where they expatriated themselves. This is a good show that will make you travel without leaving your sit.

*Pause Cafe. Aude’s blog in Bellevue, WA. Aude likes playing with words both in French and in English. She is mainly talking about her adventures here in the NorthWest and she is taking great pictures!

*Bananako ou the banana Child in Paris. She lived in China for a while and she is now back in Paris. She is drawing her new Parisian live and it’s worth checking~

Coffee and Seattle ~03/08/10

This is me complaining about coffee when we are supposed to be in coffee mecca! I was never a huge fan of coffee and it is since we moved here that we have been drinking some. Not as much as most people here but at least twice a week. Seattle is well-known for coffee because this is where Starbuck’s started. The first shop is in the heart of Pike’s Market downtown Seattle and it is just a counter with no tables to sit. It attracks now loads of tourists and also a bunch of singers or musicians in front who are showing their skills. I am just amazed by the number of shops you find here, litterally one at every corner, three in my neigborhood in less than a mile. Well, I am amazed because going to the coffee shop in France means usually ordering at the table you picked, usually un espresso which usually comes with its own metal spoon, sugar cubes and a chocolate or almond!

We have had great mixed coffee here: lattes, cappuccino and others. I enjoyed going to the independent coffee stores to get a chance to glimpse at art exhibits and try local pastries.

Pumpkin Maple Syrup Cheesecake Recipe ~03/03/10

Kind of a Fall recipe but still good anytime.


  • 1 lb low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 whole wheat crust
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt
  • 3/4 cup pumpkin  puree (or 1 can)
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Preheat overn to 325°. Put all ingredients into blender, a little at a time, alternating wet and dry. Process until smooth, then pour into crust and spread evenly. Bake for about 50 minutes. Let cool before serving.
I served the pie with maple syrup on top of it because there is no sugar in the recipe and of course yogurth. Ours is now homemade. After many tries and a lot of so so results, he has it down: thick and creamy!

Sunday in Seattle ~02/28/10

Beautiful Sunday in Seattle. Even though we had some rain over the week, we got a decent Sunday: sun, trees and flowers blooming around the neighborhood!

Sam volunteered at the Shiga garden since last Fall and today was the official opening. Apparently, we have a small plot where Sam is already planning all the planting he will do. The BBQ was great (though nothing was cooked)! We met great people, got nice food and enjoyed a mini-concert!

Here are a couple pictures we took at Gas Works Park:

Crazy Heart ~02/26/10

It has been a while we didn’t go to the movies. Once you have Netflix, it’s just a matter of being patient and you might end up watching the movies from home. Nontheless, it is always fun to go!  We live in Wallingford where we have 3 movies at less than a mile from our appartment and we made it there only once! We went to see Crazy Heart in Ballard.

I am not a fan of country music but the story was fun, beautiful landscapes of Texas & New Mexico and a linguistic challenge for me. Even after almost years in the US some movies are difficult to understand. Bad Blake ( aka Jeff Bridges) has a really thick accent and he kinds a mumble a lot because he is either drunk or hangover. Any way the music was great and makes you believe that there are still « real » cowboys !

Mt Rainier ~02/23/10

After having spent almost two years in Seattle we have seen Mt Rainier many times. I am always fascinated when it shows behind the clouds and almost feels like it’s a picture and it’s not real but indeed it is.! We made our way to it on Sunday for snowshoeing. The rangers have a free guided walk in the winter during the weekends. We made it just on time to be the last ones of the list (it is first come first served).

Our ranger was great and really emphasized security above all. After all Mt Rainier is still an active volcano even if it erupted last time in 1854. What I didn’t know is that it was surrounded by a multitude of smaller glaciers like the one on the picture below:

The weather was just perfect to go!Rainier is actually taller than Mt Fuji which I didn’t know and it is also one of the snowiest place in the world where they record snow falls.

We didn’t get a chance to see any animals, a lot of them are hibernating now but we hope to have a chance to come in the Summer when the meadows are full of flowers!Until then, I will be looking South when I go to work in the morning hoping the catch a glimpse of beautiful Rainier!

Valentine’s Cupcakes ~02/14/10

Beautiful and delicous cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford.

Chocolate/Vanilla for Sam & Pink Champagne for me!

Chinese New Year 2010 02/13/10

Despite the rain on Saturday, I courageously went down to the International District to see the Chinese New Year. I enjoyed doing it when I was living in Toulouse but never got the chance to see it in Paris!

Anyway, the lion dance was great, two lions where going from stores to restaurants and lighting firecrackers and dancing. I enjoyed the other demonstrations as well and a great lunch at Uwajimaya, the lucky combo: orange chichen, veggies and brown rice!

The Sock Monkey 02/12/10

Sam found my old sock monkey that I had made in Minnesota. He even used it for one of his job interview for some kind of exercise with the kids.

As you all know, the sock monkey is made out of the very famous red heel socks from Rockford, IL. They were first produced in 1932 by the Nelson Knitting Company. They actually were selling the instructions on how to make the sockmoney with each pairs. My sockmonkey has survived 1 move accross the country in a truck and one other move in a very small red box where I forgot about him until now. Anyway you can make one too and by the kit online at Sock for about $10. Enjoy!Here is his portrait:

Roger Shimomura 02/05/10

First Thursday last night and I went straight from work to the Wing Luke Asian Museum to finally get a chance to see the Roger Shimomura’s exhibit that I heard so much about.

I really enjoyed it, his collection of memorabillia (cards, envelops, masks, salt & paper shakers). As a French person from my generation, we hear a lot about the WWII but not in this way. One thing that Sam made me realized is that the Germans here in the US were not interned into camps but the Japanese were! His paintings depicted himself as an anime icon are glorious, I also enjoyed his work on the stereotypes of the Japanese person and its mix with the american icons. Worth seeing, if you are interested contemporary and still current subject of racism in the Asian community.

as Sailor Moon

© Copyright 2010 Roger Shimomura, all rights reserved

The exhibit is open until April 18th at the Wing Luke.

Chiroscuro in Seattle-01/29/2010

After mentioning in my introduction that I was passionate about art, I realized that I had never had a post about it!? Anyway, across the Washington Mutual Tower where I work, I decided to drop by the Patricia Rovzar Gallery on 3rd St & University to have a pick. The gallery features local and international artists. I was delighted to find two small paintings from a French artist called Isabelle du Toit. The artist focuses on chiroscuro and mainly features animals and birds. I really enjoyed them and thought the colors were very striking and almost felt like the animals where about to jump out of the canvas!.Want to know more browse her website,  she will have more of her work at the gallery starting April, 2.

Want a cup of tea? No thank you! 01/28/2010

Okay so instead of translating my French post, I will try to create an English version of it!

So since I have been working downtown and walking around during my lunch break. I have encountered the infamous tea party protestants sitting at the corner of streets. Showing pictures of Obama with the famous Hitler’s moustache. What a shock! I know Seattle and in general, the Puget Sound area is democrat so that was kind of unexpected. Of course, they don’t try to talk to you unless you go towards them, which is really different from what you would find in France, where they would call you out right away!

I guess, I had heard about the tea party in junior high history class but couldn’t imagine that it was happening again, somehow. I guess everybody has the right to express themselves but…


4 Réponses to “My blog in English”

  1. I would like to leave a comment. This is a novel! And where are my other comments?

  2. What do you mean this is a novel?Your other comments are at the bottom of the post you commented on so probably on the French page.

  3. nice to rad about portland again. i lived there some years ago and will never forget it. well, that and the jeff bridges movie, including new mexico and texas. i will let you know jes, that there really are still real cowboys, bu they are in new mexico, not texas.

    it seems like youre not going to have any problems on your toefl stuff. wish you the best, and keep writing please, i will read more in the future.

    • Yeah, about the cowboys I guess I have never been to the South so I can only say from the movie…Thanks for reading!


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